Gun Control: The Hottest Debate in America

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Gun control is one of the most controversial debates in America. While President Barack Obama seeks to clamp down on gun violence using tighter gun control laws, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun advocates are on his heels, fighting for the rights of gun owners. The debate regained its speed after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, where a young student opened fire on peers and teachers. Over the last year, gun control debate videos show President Obama pushing lawmakers to pass bills that would force universal background checks on gun purchases made online and at gun shows. This bill did not get the votes it needed to pass, but debates on gun control continue to ravage the nation.

The NRA and other gun supporters stand firm behind the Second Amendment right Continue reading

Writer’s Block? Find a Topic You Care About

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Essay writing is a part of nearly every high school and college student’s life, whether they want it to be or not. Unfortunately, millions of students every year spend late nights at their computer with just the glow of their desk lamp and keyboard with an energy drink or coffee by their side pumping out page after page. Some thrive in that environment and others hate it. But regardless of personal feelings, finding the right topic to write about can be a tricky one. While being super creative might be the most fun way to write, it is not always appropriate, so finding relevant topics is a must.

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Should We Have More Gun Control Laws? Three Facts that Will Make You Agree We Do

Gun control statistics

If you live in the U.S., sooner or later you might have gotten pulled into the debates on gun control that have been occurring over and over in response to different media stories. What is gun control? Most would agree that control is not about eliminating access to guns, but rather, restricting it to responsible people so that it does not fall into the wrong hands, or get used inappropriately. Here are a few reasons to be on the side of pro gun control debate.

1. Gun Control Statistics Illuminate the Downsides of Easy Access

Almost every week, a shooting makes the front pages papers in the U.S. Is it like this in other industrialized countries? No. What makes the U.S. unique, then? Among similar countries, the U.S. has one of the highest rates of gun ownership, and a correspondingl Continue reading

With so Much Being Slung Back and Forth, It Is Difficult To Know Where To Stand on Gun Control

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As we all know, the gun control debate arguments have been raging like wildfires for some time now. Whether it was the Treyvon Martin Stand Your Ground fiasco, the Batman shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the Virginia Tech shooting, or the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, the gun control debate pros and cons have been bandied about for what seems like decades. But sometimes it is difficult to follow it all, and it is virtually impossible to get all of the information. Read on for some pertinent data pertaining to both sides, and then you have the freedom to decide for yourself.

The Pro Gun Control Debate

About 33,000 Americans were victims of gun related deaths in 2011. That comes out to just over 10 of every 100,000 people were killed by a gun. Only nine of the United States have gun lock laws Continue reading

Available Resources to Help Find Gun Control Statistics

What is gun control

Whether engaging in a gun control debate regarding what is gun control or just talking about laws that will give stricter guidelines for who can or cannot own a gun, you may need to research statistics. Gun control statistics can help support key points of interest during a debate, but only if they come from reliable, reputable resources. The following are some resources that can be used to help individuals who are researching gun control statistics for a debate.

The first place to research gun control statistics is an academic library. Many public libraries have a branch or section of the library that is dedicated to academic resources. This is a great resource for anyone who is looking for gun control statistics as there are many resources for both the pros and cons of gun control.

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What is Gun Control? The Debate Continues

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The gun control debate is pretty much guaranteed to continue for some time. Just exactly what is gun control? It sometimes depend on whom you are talking to. There are pros and cons on both sides of the question of what is gun control, as well as compelling gun control statistics used by both sides.

Some think that all guns should be taken out of the hands of private owners. This is a very extreme point of view. The opposite side thinks that all guns should be readily available to anyone at any time. Again, this is an extreme view.

When the question arises of what is gun control, it can become a hot button issues, with emotional responses on both sides. There are those who point to recent shootings that occurred in public places. Events such as Aurora and Sandy Hook have some people saying that all guns should be controlled or even eliminate private gun ownership. O the other side of the debate of what is gun control, there are people who believe that guns should be allowed in all public areas including schools. They feel that with other people carrying guns in public places, they could defend themselves and others against a random shooter.

What is gun control is a continuing debate even at the highest levels of government. The United States legislative body took this debate on, and while certain elements of gun control were voted down, such as background checks, the debate over what is control continues.

Basically, the question of what is gun control must weigh the Second Amendment and how it interpreted. Some say that the amendment give them the right to own and carry weapons whenever and where ever they choose. Others say that it does not give that right completely and some controls are important.

As you can see, all the different opinions concerning the question of what is gun control are many, and so the debate will continue. It is interesting that there are so many differing opinions on a single issue.

Gun Control Debate

Gun control statistics

With the recent gun control debate and legislation, gun control statistics have been coming from all sides, and there is not promise that any of these are accurate and unbiased. Each side will twist the issue until it gets the support it needs, and every publication of gun control statistics demonstrates the bias of every gun rights group and each gun control lobbyist. One of the best questions to ask in the midst of this ideological standoff is “What is gun control?” What does gun control look like? How will it affect gun control statistics?

Obviously, gun control can mean any number of things, including the restriction of gun sales, more enforced requirements for the possession of guns, or increased liability for the gun owner. We have seen in recent years that criminals, drug addicts, and even children have easy access to guns, and the question that begs to be asked is what can we do to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous or untrained individuals and thereby decrease the incidence of gun violence. However, America’s Second Amendment stands in the way of gun confiscation, as it protects weapons’ owners right to own and bear arms for purposes of self protection. The balance of maintaining safety and, at the same time, allowing citizens to exercise their “inalienable rights” is the predicament in which we find ourselves as a nation.

Some state that limited access to mental health treatment, poverty, violent video games, and any number of other social ills or injustices are the reason for escalated gun violence, but we have yet to agree upon a course of action amenable to all parties.

What Is Gun Control? Who Knows?

What is gun control

What is gun control? It means a lot of things to many different people. Sometimes the answer to what is gun control might be something like, “It is legislation to enforce responsible gun ownership. This is where the gun control debate and gun control statistics comes in. That being said, there is not one single answer as to what is gun control. If you were to ask the former governor of Montana, Brian Schweitzer, he would probably tell you that gun control in Montana means that you control your gun and I control my gun.

For people who need to know what is gun control, there are a lot of different answers that people will provide. For example, it is not at all difficult to find a bumper sticker that says something like gun control is holding a gun with two hands. America is a country of people who love guns a lot. This is to say that people who think about gun control think about it in complex ways.

What is gun control? That depends on where you stand in the debate. A lot of people who own guns probably think that they control them just fine and that the government will not be any better at providing these restrictions. But there are also a lot of people who believe that there need to be reasonable restrictions for gun ownership. It is often difficult for both sides of the debate to understand one another’s perspectives on the issue. For this reason, it is uncertain whether or not the gun control debate will move forward in a productive way.

The gun control debate is a complicated issue. And it is for this reason that people will probably continue to look for answers to resolve it, but no answer will be perfectly sufficient. What is gun control? Who knows?

Why You Should Pay Attention to the Gun Control Debate

Gun control debate

If you ever watch the mainstream media, you will notice a recent push to increase gun control in America. The gun control debate has decent arguments from both sides of this issue. However, regardless of all the legislation, paperwork and arguments, people still have the basic right to protect their families. In order to understand the gun control debate, you need to look at the gun control statistics, which are online. So many different gun control statistics will leave your head spinning. For example, more people die from FDA prescription medications than they do from gun related incidents. Do you think the government should ban FDA prescription medications?

This comparison may not seem fair for people who are for more gun control. However, there are other figures to keep in mind. If you look at the top causes of death in America, you will find deaths by guns pretty low on the list. Gun control advocates will bring in statistics using foreign countries. For example, the number of homicides for every 100,000 people in Switzerland is around 0.52, while the United States is around 2.98. Do these homicides include gun deaths? As you can see, you need to dig further into gun control statistics in order to understand the debate.

One surprising factor to keep in mind is how many families in Switzerland own firearms. Even though the homicide rate in Switzerland is significantly lower than the United States, citizens in Switzerland own firearms. In fact, Switzerland does not have a standing army. Instead, the citizens form a people’s militia for national defense. Therefore, the debate is more about education and training than gun grabbing. It is important you do not allow the mainstream media to form your opinion on the gun control debate. Look up gun control statistics online and have the time to practice critical thinking. What is gun control? Basically, it is about controlling people.

What is Gun Control? It is NRA Control!

Gun control debate

You’ll hardly find much in the “What is gun control?”debate discussing this subject; certainly none of the NRA sponsored websites and their paid hacks writing for them and the opinion pages of newspapers.

There is a technology that could help the police and FBI immeasurably to track down the source, hence the buyer, of explosives or simple gun powder: micro particles called taggants.

“IDENTIFICATION taggants are microscopically color coded particles that, if added to explosives or gun powders during their manufacturing, might facilitate tracing those products after a bombing back to the manufacturer. Then, through use of mandatory distribution records, tracing would continue through wholesaler and dealer levels to an original purchaser or point of theft. Detection taggants may be added to a product to facilitate detection of that product before it is exploded or burned in a crime.” (NRA)

This sounds like a good, useful technology right? It doesn’t hurt anybody, is harmless to the product and certainly doesn’t seem like it could be very expensive. Helps the good guys and doesn’t hurt anyone: So what did the NRA do?

The strangled the plan. The NRA lobbying company has so much power in congress that despite this total upside to taggants they killed the legislation is service to their clients…gun powder makers.

From the same website: “Section 732 of the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996 required a general study of taggants as directed by the Secretary of the Treasury. The study is required to demonstrate that taggants: “will not pose a risk to human life and safety; will substantially assist law enforcement officers in their investigative efforts; will not substantially impair the quality of the explosive materials for their intended lawful use; will not have a substantially adverse effect on the environment; and the costs associated with the addition of the tracers will not out weigh benefits of their inclusion.”

During the summer of 1996, Congress approved an NRA backed proposal (an amendment to Section 732 in H.R. 3610, the Omnibus Consolidation Appropriations Act of 1997) that an independent body examine all technologies that allow explosives to be detected before a terrorist or criminal explodes his bomb in addition to those that will identify the explosive after a blast. NRA fought hard for the inclusion of this language, knowing that preventive technologies offer our best hope for enhanced public safety and more effective law enforcement.”

Who would have thought that the NRA represented gun powder manufacturers?! You don’t see that in the typical “What is gun control?” debate! The NRA is the lobbying forces for all associated weapons makers and sellers. They have nothing whatsoever to do with sportsmen.

While our opinion pages are clogged with empty “What is gun control good for?” articles constantly trying to play sleight of hand with issues such as the 2nd amendment and the bogus “right to bear arms” the real battle for citizen safety is being murdered by the NRA.

What is gun control? In the US gun control is fighting the NRA!

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