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The Picture Presented By Gun Crime Statistics

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The picture presented by gun crime statistics is gruesome. Anyone looking at the gun death statistics cannot ignore the fact that gun crime has been increasing over the years and that a strong gun control legislation is the need of the hour. Let us examine a few items of gun crime statistics and analyze them so as to understand the situation correctly.

Gun crime statistics demolish the argument we sometime hear in a gun control debate in support of uncontrolled gun ownership. Advocates of unfettered gun ownership have been claiming that arming people with guns is the best way to protect them from being victims of crimes. But the reality seems to be far removed from this claim. Gun control facts show that places that have a high concentration of guns report a large number of children getting killed by guns. This fact alone will refute the argument that guns give protection. Guns only increase the risk of gun death.

One of the most disturbing data obtained from gun crime statistics is that thirty nine percent of the children know where to find the guns in their houses. If there is a gun in a house, the chance of some kid living in that house getting hold of the gun is quite high. Nothing can be more dangerous than children getting hold of guns since the children neither know how to handle the guns properly nor are aware of the consequences of using them inappropriately.

Against the gun crime statistics like the above tilting the balance of gun control pros and cons in favor of gun control, the anti gun control activists refuse to accept the realities. The National Rifles Association (NRA) which has been leading the opposition to strong gun control laws functions not like a club as its name suggests but as a highly paid lobby. The NRA has been urging the legislators to be on its side in the gun control debate, threatening them with defeats in primaries if they would not toe its line. The threat seems to be working as revealed by the actions of some legislators who, with a view to obstruct the process of strengthening the gun control measures, have been making rules to ensure that organizations like the National Institute of Health will find it difficult even to study gun violence.

Do We Need Gun Control Laws?

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Some people seem to believe that we do not need gun control laws. While there has been a demand that we need a stronger gun control law to check the growing incidence of gun crime, the anti gun control group will like to have uncontrolled gun ownership. This group is led by the NRA (National Rifles Association)whose cherished objective is to make gun ownership free of any restrictions. The NRA does not bother about participating in the gun control debate and has made no secret of its decision to stick to its stand, whatever gun crime statistics may say.

To the supporters of NRA, gun control pros and cons are of no value. They just keep harping on their pet argument that owning guns is a right given to the people of the United States by the 2nd amendment. But the fact is that nearly 99 percent of the second amendment was based on the inputs provided by people who had no college education. While this fact does not make their contribution unimportant, it does indicate that there may be nothing wrong in amending this law. The 2nd amendment itself being an amendment, what can be wrong in amending a provision of this amendment?

The need for strengthening gun control laws is clearly shown by gun death statistics. What is the picture presented by these statistics? The figures show that every year, there are 30,000 deaths in the US on account of gun violence. Gun control facts also show that in a majority of homicide crimes, guns are being used as murder weapons. Guns are used in as much as 60 percent of the murders. Another disturbing fact is that nearly forty percent of the children living in the houses that have guns are aware of the places the guns are stored by their parents. This brings in the dangerous possibility of kids taking possession of guns and using it wrongly.

Though these facts have been brought to light by a number of gun control articles, some legislators supporting the NRA have turned a blind eye to them. They seem to be working against stricter gun control laws by their action in drafting rules that will block independent bodies like the National Institute of Health in their efforts at studying gun violence.

The Inference To Be Drawn From Gun Control Pros And Cons

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Anyone who studies gun control pros and cons should be assumed to have an open mind. The purpose of understanding both sides of an issue like gun control can only be for weighing the arguments in favor of both sides against each other and decide which side has more weight. This is the logical, rational, sensible and fair way of looking at gun control pros and cons. But the anti gun control groups do not adopt this approach. These people do not even seem to take a serious look at gun death statistics. They have already decided that gun control pros and cons support their stand against stricter gun control laws. So they will either ignore gun crime statistics or rubbish them.

Considering the fact that organizations like the NRA (National Rifles Association) take a distorted view of gun control pros and cons by presuming that gun control facts are in favor of their preconceived opinions, we have to conclude that their motives are questionable. Questions like whether the NRA is a club of sportsmen as its name suggests or a lobby of gun owners arise in the minds of independent observers of the gun control debate that has been going on for the past few decades. Notwithstanding the claim of the NRA that it is a political organization, it should be considered only a lobbyist body. Support for this view comes from its actions.

The NRA is known to have been coercing legislators to toe its line by threatening them that it will work for their defeat in the primaries, if they do not. This threat seems to have had its effect on some legislators who have started working to promote the cause of the NRA. Not bothering to look at the gun control pros and cons and act in a fair manner, these legislators have been engaged in creating rules that will block independent bodies like the National Institute of Health even from studying gun violence. Such attempts may not tilt the gun control pros and cons in favor of the anti gun lobby. We have incontrovertible gun crime statistics based on the experience of many countries that the smaller the number of guns in a society, the smaller will be the number of murders. This kind of data leave us in no doubt as to what inference we could draw by studying gun control pros and cons.

Can Gun Control Laws Arrest The Gun Death Phenomenon?

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The term gun death is being increasingly used by many people because it has become so frequent a phenomenon. The issue of gun control is tied to the problem of gun death in that many people believe that stricter gun control laws will be able to check the number of incidents of gun death.

Some countries of the world have been concerned with the problem of gun death and tightened gun control laws. They have reported a dramatic improvement in the situation, as revealed by gun death statistics. Australia, for example, has found that it has been able to reduce the incidence of gun death by about 60 per cent after they brought in strict gun control laws.

Gun control facts reveal that the United States has the problem of too many guns owned by its people. This can be seen from the fact that people in the US own about half the number of all the privately owned guns in the world which is abnormal when considered along with the fact that the population of the United States is only about 5 percent of the population of the world! Such abnormal gun ownership is bound to result in an abnormal gun death rate. This is confirmed by gun death statistics that show that when the number of gun deaths is worked out for a population of 100,000 citizens, the US is ranked well below South Africa.

The stumbling block for the efforts to control gun death by controlling gun ownership is created by the anti gun control groups, of whom the National Rifles Association (NRA) is the most prominent. The NRA, which has never participated in a meaningful gun control debate, and seems to be totally unconcerned about gun crime statistics and has been using its power to influence the legislators. The NRA is reported to be threatening legislators that they will be defeated in the primaries due to the efforts of the NRA, if they choose to support proposals for stricter gun laws. The fact that some legislators have been framing rules which would make it difficult for organizations like the CDC from even making an assessment of the gun violence seeks to confirm the undue influence of the NRA on them.

Gun Violence Revealed in Gun Control Essay

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There are many gun control articles that talk about the second amendment. One recent gun control essay completely ignored gun deaths and gun death statistics focusing instead on the need for guns to prevent “tyranny.” That’s crazy. Guns don’t prevent tyranny, Democracy prevents tyranny!

In another on line gun control essay no mention was made of the economic damages caused by gun deaths that are estimated at$3.7 billion a year. That is $3.7 BILLION!

How can there be any rational discussion of gun control pros and cons when gun control facts are ignored? Sometimes a person might believe that the gun control debate is only about gun owners loosing the privilege of buying assault rifles while ignoring important facts such as the United States being ranked worse that South Africa for gun deaths per 100,000 citizens! The debate is about the harm caused by guns. Gun owners need to stop crying about themselves and think of the greater good.

Any gun control essay worth reading must consider the facts. For example, it is a fact that the more guns that are in an area will result in higher suicide rates. Or the fact that there is a strong correlation between States and regions with higher levels of household firearm ownership and the increased number of children dying from homicide in that area.

Gun control is a matter of public safety not “collectorÂ’s rights!”

How Long Will Gun Control Remain An Issue

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There are very few issues that have remained in the public arena with no progress for such a long time as gun control has been. This topic seems to evoke strong feelings with some people stubbornly opposing any move towards gun control and other people, perturbed by the picture presented by gun crime statistics, demanding immediate action on the part of the government.

We need to find answers to two questions. One, why is gun control such an important issue? Two, why is it that this issue has defied a solution for such a long time, with the gun control debate going on eternally?

To understand the importance of gun control, we should take a look at the gun death statistics. We will pick out just a few gun control facts to understand the present scenario. Gun control facts show that the United States owns a very high proportion of the privately owned guns in the world. In terms of percentage, 50 percent of the guns of the world are in our country. Yet, our country holds only 5 percent of the population of the world!

The second fact that may interest people studying the gun control pros and cons is that in the US itself, regions that have a high proportion of gun ownership report a high proportion of children becoming gun death victims. Both these facts put together go to show that the higher the gun ownership, the higher are the crimes. This is confirmed by another study which has found that areas with a large number of guns also have a large number of suicides occurring.

Coming to the second question as to why the gun control issue has remained unsolved for a long time, the answer lies in the fact that there is a strong anti gun law lobby operating in our country. The campaign against gun control is spearheaded by the National Rifles Association (NRA). The NRA claims to be an association of sportsmen but behaves like a lobby because of its unreasonable stand. It will not be moved by facts like the one that Australia has been successful in bringing down its crimes by 60 percent as a result of a strong anti gun law implemented by the government. Following a policy of no compromise, organizations like the NRA have been successfully scuttling all moves towards better gun control.

Will Gun Death Statistics Get Noticed?

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Gun death statistics are staring at our faces. They demand that we take notice of what is happening around us and that we do something to bring down the incidence of gun death. Gun crime statistics have always been pointing towards the direction in which gun control has to move. The need of the hour is not more of a gun control debate but effective action by the government.

This is the picture presented by gun death statistics.

1) Our country has just 5 percent of the population of the world. But it has 50 percent of the guns in the world. We can be happy if our country shares a disproportionately high proportion of the resources of the world, not the privately owned guns of the world!

2) Another information presented by gun death statistics is that in homes that have guns, women and children face a higher risk of gun death. This is not a hypothesis but a scenario indicated by gun control facts. This fact demolishes the argument of the pro gun lobby that owning guns will make people safer since people can defend themselves from criminals.

3) Gun death statistics compiled over the world present an interesting picture. There are countries that have implemented strict gun control facts. The result has been that there are fewer murders. This shows that gun control does work.

4) Australia is one of those countries that have made the gun control laws tighter. Gun death statistics for this country show that gun violence has come down by about 60 percent . This is too emphatic a result that cannot be attributed to factors other than gun control.

5) Gun death has its effect on the economy as well. Gun death statistics for the United States show that the country has been suffering an annual loss of close to four billion dollars on account of gun crime.

We have spent enough time discussing the gun control pros and cons so thoroughly that nothing is left to be discussed. The only thing we need to do is to accept the severity of the problem as pointed out by gun death statistics and take steps to bring in a strong gun control legislation.

An honest discussion about what gun control is

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What is gun control? Is it a way to restrict people from their Second Amendment rights, or it is a means to simply ensure that every single United States citizen has a fair chance of living their life in relative safety? People have been asking themselves “what is gun control” for decades, and sadly, it seems as though many people are no closer to an answer. Today the gun control debate remains one of the hottest issues in the country, especially after the recent string of terrible tragedies in schools and public places.

Many people who ask what is gun control may be trying to seek what they perceive to be common sense restrictions on gun ownership. They may feel that certain types of high powered rifles may be inappropriate for people to own. It is no surprise that many people feel the need for more regulations and restrictions. The lives of countless people have been touched by gun violence over the years. Many of those individuals that have come to ask themselves “what is gun control” may have been touched by the horrors of school violence, gang violence and even accidental shootings at home.

Others that ask what is gun control believe that there should be fewer restrictions. They may showcase gun control statistics, which show that compared to the number of guns in the country, there are what they believe to be a relatively low number of accidents and deaths each year.

Many of those that ask people exactly what is gun control will get a different answer than what they think in their head. This is one of the reasons why this issue remains so contentious. As long as people asking themselves what is gun control continue to see things only from their point of view, progress will be difficult to achieve. Once people understand that there are two sides, real steps could be made towards ending the string of senseless violence.

How To Cope With the Problem Of Gun Death?

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The title of this article may give the impression that we need to learn to live with gun death.No. What the title really seeks to convey is that we should do something to arrest the phenomenon of gun death which seems to be only going up, notwithstanding the assertions made by some people supporting uncontrolled gun ownership. I think that there will be no dispute about the fact that gun death is much different from natural death and even from accidental death and is highly preventable if only ourlegislators are willing to appreciate the scenario depicted by gun control facts and decide to take some effective action.

A gun death may result from murder or from suicide. But in either case, the problem is caused by gun ownership. Gun death statistics clearly show that in ares where there are a larger number of homes with guns, the number of suicides is also high. Another study has revealed that about 60 percent of the homicides are attributable to gun death. With gun crime statistics clearly indicating that there is a strong positive correlation between gun ownership and the incidence of murders, the link between gun death and gun ownership is clearly indicated.

How do we the supporters of uncontrolled gun ownership react to the menace of gun death? They have a two pronged strategy. Either they block the very compiling of statistics by independent organizations or come out with irrelevant arguments to support gun ownership. It is reported that legislators supporting the National Rifles Association, NRA, the leading anti gun control lobby of the country, make it difficult for independent organizations like the National Institute of Health even to study gun violence by creating rules that will obstruct their task. Perhaps they are forced to do this since they are threatened by the NRA that they would face defeat in the primaries if they do not support the cause of the anti gun control groups. So gun death seems to be of no consequence to some people! It is for the people involved in the gun control debate to bring the issue of gun death to the limelight.

Gun Control Debate Throws New Issues

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Traditionally, a gun control debate will dwell on familiar arguments that have been heard several times by every one. But with new gun control facts emerging very frequently, the gun control debate has become more lively. There is no dearth of gun death statistics to be used in advancing the cause of tighter gun control laws. However,figures have to be correctly interpreted if they have to serve any purpose.

An argument that can be used in a gun control debate is about the share of gun death in homicides. Murders otherwise called homicides are committed by various means. The methods may vary from strangling with bare hands to killing with various kinds of weapons like guns, knives, clubs, sharp instruments etc. But surprisingly, a vast majority of homicides, 60 percent to be specific, are committed using guns. When this point is brought out in a gun control debate, people will realize the danger potential of guns.

Another factor that should be highlighted in a gun control debate is from the gun crime statistics. People who are interested in understanding gun control pros and cons will be definitely disturbed by the disclosure made in a gun control debate that 30,000 deaths per year result from guns in the United States.

A gun control debate can also bring about the link between different types of gun control facts by explaining how the different sets of statistics corroborate each other. The fact that nearly half of all the privately owned guns are in the US will be a shocking fact when viewed against the fact that the US population forms just 5 percent of the population of the world.

Unfortunately, a gun control debate may have no impact on certain groups. Notable among these is the National Rifles Association (NRA) which makes no secret of its policy that it will not compromise its opposition to any form of gun control. Since the NRA uses the concept of democracy to justify its stand, people interested in a gun control debate should enlighten the organization that democracy means a fight against tyranny and that gun control is a part of this fight.