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Will Gun Control Measures Curb Our Freedom

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Why should gun control be such a controversial topic? The word control indicates some kind of restriction and is likely to instill at least some resentment in the mind of anyone. Gun control is resented by people who believe that buying, owning and carrying a gun is their sovereign right. But gun crime statistics show that the price paid by our country for conferring the right of gun ownership on its people is very high. It appears that the gun control debate has to shift its focus from whether we should have gun control to how much gun control we need.

Take the gun crime statistics that reveal that the number of people getting killed by guns in our country every year is 30,000. Gun control articles will give more detailed gun death statistics like the ratio of gun deaths to total deaths etc. We have to accept the fact that gun death has grown to be a big problem and the only way it can be tackled is through tighter gun laws.

We have success stories from countries that have implemented gun control laws effectively to substantiate the efficacy of gun control on crime. Australia is one country that has been able to curb gun violence by 60 percent by implementing strong gun control laws. We will be able to find such stories from other countries also if we look at the gun control facts of different countries in the world. Effective gun control measures, apart from bringing down murders, will also result in decrease of suicides. This fact is borne out by studies.

Opposition to gun control comes from some organizations like the National Rifles Association (NRA) who use the right of gun ownership given to the American citizens by the 2nd amendment as a point in their favor. People who look at gun control pros and cons will point out that given the fact that 99 percent of the provisions of this act were written by people without a formal legal education, invoking the 2nd amendment to claim gun ownership as a right is unjustified. This kind of approach to gun control by the NRA makes us doubt whether it is a political organization or a lobbyist body.

A Gun Control Article I Would Like To Write

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I would like to write a gun control article. You may ask me why. There are so many gun control articles doing the round already. What difference will one more article make? It may not. Still I would like to write one. I am not a great writer. But I think writing skills are not needed to present some gun control facts.

The idea of my writing a gun control article is to join the gun control debate in my own humble way. What can I add to the plethora of arguments discussing gun control pros and cons? One thing I would like to include in my gun control article is some gun death statistics. The reason I want to do this is that I believe that facts and figures can convey a message more powerfully than logical and rhetorical statements. You might have come across some of this information in other gun control articles. But I would like to present them in such a way that my readers will be able to draw some quick conclusions without going through the voluminous writing on the subject of gun control. I am listing the gun control facts I plan to discuss in my gun control article.

1) Americans are the largest gun owning group in the world. About 50 percent of the guns available in the world are owned by us. What is wrong with this? Nothing except the fact that we constitute only about 5 percent of the population of the world!

2) Considering the information given above, it can only be expected that a greater proportion of Americans would be having guns, Yes, the expectation is right. But the holding is a bit high. The population of guns in our country is close to the population of people in our country. This indicated by the ratio of 89 guns for 10 people!

3) We can see the consequence of the above two facts. More than half of the homicides in America are committed with guns. The ratio is 60 percent. More guns lead to gun crimes. This seems to be the logical connection

4) I will also include a disturbing fact in my gun control article. It is about the safety of children and women. Studies show that women and children are likely to become the victims of gun violence, if the house they live in has a gun!

What Should A Gun Control Essay Convey?

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A gun control essay is something we come across in a newspaper or journal. There is a subtle distinction between a gun control article and a gun control essay in that an essay is more formal than an article. It uses a professional language and tone. But I think a good gun control essay should focus more on the content than on the tone. Otherwise there will be no difference between something described as a gun control essay and the plethora of gun control articles that flood the print media every day!

How will a gun control essay counter the argument of anti gun control lobbyists that gun ownership is a sovereign right guaranteed by the 2nd amendment? Instead of dismissing this argument casually, a gun control essay can bring out the information that about 99 percent of the 2nd amendment was the work of people who had no legal education. Not only that, 99 percent of these people have had no college education either, though this fact does not have to belittle their qualification for the task entrusted to them. This revelation will make people realize that drafting a strong gun control law will mean no disrespect to the people behind the 2nd amendment since their perspective was different.

Gun crime statistics have a crucial role in helping people to weigh the gun control pros and cons and decide whether gun control legislation is needed or not. But the legislators who have sided with the National Rifles Association (NRA) scuttle the efforts of compiling gun death statistics by making it difficult for independent bodies like the national institute of Health even to study gun violence. Some of the legislators are forced to adopt these tactics because they are threatened by the NRA that they would be defeated even in primaries thus denying them the chance to contest elections! It is the duty of a gun control essay to expose these dubious ways of the anti gun legislation groups and their supporters.

A gun control essay should highlight publicly made available statistics that the US has a highly disproportionate share of 50 percent of the private guns in the world, while having only 5 percent of the world’s population.

Gun Death Statistics Present An Alarming Picture

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Gun death statistics cant be taken lightly as other kinds of statistics, sometimes, are. Human life is precious and death is a word that will create an instant feeling of discomfort in anyone. Gun death is not like any other death because it is a death caused by murder. So what do gun crime statistics say?
Though people are used to read reports about crimes in the newspapers everyday, reports of homicides invariably cause revulsion and panic. Taking a human life away using a firearm is perceived as gruesome by everyone. So whether the victim of a gun death is someone known to you or not, you invariably sympathize with the victims family and develop a feeling of intense contempt towards the killer. Statistics relating to homicide show that more than half of the homicide deaths are caused by firearms. In terms of percentage, gun deaths are 60 percent of the homicide deaths.
Another factor relating to deaths caused by firearms is that if we consider the number of gun deaths for 10,000 people, America is ranked below South Africa. The fact that a larger proportion of US citizens are killed by guns than their counterparts in South Africa is bound to stir our collective conscience as a nation. Gun control debate gets hotter with the issue of gun control itself coming to the fore.
Children are the precious treasure of our nation. They are our future. Therefore anything adversely affecting the safety or future of children should be a cause of concern to all of us. Gun control statistics reveal that American kids can get hold of a gun very easily since most of them know where the guns are kept in their houses! This raises the question of making our children vulnerable to the use of guns and causing a gun death without their being aware of the consequences of their action. Another aspect of the childrenÂ’s vulnerability is revealed by the finding that wherever we have more households possessing guns, we have greater number of children among homicide victims.
A gun death is not an isolated event affecting an individual. It affects the nationÂ’s economy also. You may be surprised to know that gun deaths result in a loss of about $4 billion per annum to the US Economy.
Gun control facts should urge us to woke up to the gun death threat.