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Shocking Gun Control Statistics

Gun control debate

In almost all pro weapon gun control articles you will find reference to the 2nd amendment expression, “The right to bear arms.” In most gun control debate the rational for this right is related to the idea of having guns to fight the government.

It is rare to find a gun control article that takes a different view. This one does. While gun fanatics might want to take up arms against a properly elected democratic government doing so would be an act of treason. Therefore the notion that the right to bear arms means the right to violently rebel is an obvious problem. If the 2nd amendment allows violence against the government then the 2nd amendment is approving and protecting treason.

The” right to bear arms” does not give any protection to acts of treason.

But let’s examine this idea a little more. Most gun control articles carefully avoid any legitimate gun control statistics. Some will offer false or distorted information but few will face the harsh realities of factual gun control statistics. For example few if any pro gun articles will feature the facts that over 2200 gun deaths, in the US alone, since the massacre at Newtown. Most anti gun control articles will avoid the hard fact that far more women than men are murdered by guns in America.

No, most gun articles are little more than an outraged whine about losing imaginary freedoms. The 2nd amendment argument in particular is annoying because of some other TRUTHFUL gun control statistics. Here is the most important one: While the true number of guns in America is unknown (largely due to the efforts of the gun lobby in Washington), what we can access is terrifying.

How’s this to justify the idea that the right to bear arms is under attack or that the government is “coming to take your guns:” by the best gun control statistics available there are…

37 MILLION guns in private hands in America.

Ok, so what? Well, the entire US military only has…

4 MILLION guns!

That’s right. What is gun control if there are 9.25 private weapons for every one held by the military!

The right to bear arms? The 2nd amendment? The government coming to “take away your guns?”
Who is really crazy here?

3 things about the continuing gun control debate

Gun control statistics

On and off for the past few decades, there has been an ongoing gun control debate going on within the United States. While some are still asking themselves “what is gun control,” others may be knee deep in gun control statistics. The problem with trying to get a handle on the gun control debate is that there are a lot of things that some people are not completely clear on. Some would argue that a few of the things in particular have kept the debate as contentious as ever, especially recently.

One thing that may surprise people about the current gun control debate, is the definition of the term “assault rifle.” Most people may not be aware that what makes an assault rife is not the appearance. There are plenty of weapons that look like military grade weapons, but in reality only have cosmetic enhancements that do not increase the rate of fire or accuracy. Those that are focused on the gun control debate would be wise to learn what exactly constitutes a real assault rifle.

Those that peddle different statistics on both sides of the gun control debate sometimes forget what kinds of guns end up being used in crimes the most. While “assault rifles” have garnered the most attention as of recently, in reality they are only responsible for a few hundred deaths a year. It may surprise some people to learn that illegal handguns are typically responsible for far more deaths each year, especially in high crime cities.

Often times, those at the center of the gun control debate seem to forget that despite some of the more famous and unfortunate incidents in the news, the number of homicides in the country is actually at what could be an all time low. By realizing that violent crime and gun related deaths have dropped nearly 50 percent over the last twenty years, people on both sides of the gun control debate may realize just what deserves their attention, and what is not helping the discussion to progress.

Usinf Facts in the Gun Control Debate

What is gun control

There is about to be a war in America. The war will be waged in gun control articles and those will often be fearsome, exaggerated and occasionally hostile. This gun control debate will be conducted as the majority of Americans demand our leaders pass legislation banning assault weapons, requiring background checks for gun buyers and generally strengthening our gun laws. The opposition to the majority will be a small fraction of irrational citizens who are blind to the facts of gun violence.

It is fair to call these folks irrational because any gun control debate must be based on facts. The facts of the issues are well established but they have been deliberately distorted, mischaracterized or lies substituted for truth. In addition, all manner of illogical argumentation techniques will be used in the coming gun control debate. For example, gun control statistics will be responded to with claims about the 2nd amendment. It is irrational in a gun control debate to respond to the facts of gun violence with an argument about the right to bear arms.

What is gun control? First, it is not about taking away people’s guns. This would likely be impossible. Rather, it is about changing American culture to end the perverse worship of guns and gradually make their use understood to be a symptom of a social disorder rather than a point of cultural pride. Gun control is also about making the acquisition of guns more difficult and ensuring that anyone who should not have a deadly weapon does not get one. Finally, it is about banning weapons that are most effective when used to massacre groups of people and reducing the number and ease of handguns.

Why are these worthy goals? Any sound gun control debate must include relevant gun control statistics. Here are some from a recent gun control article on gun violence toward women in America:

* In 2010, nearly six times as many women were shot by husbands, boyfriends, and ex partners than were murdered by male strangers. Guns do not make women safer.

* A woman who has been a victim of an abusive partner is more than seven times more likely to be killed by her abuser if he has access to a gun. Access to guns is a terrible risk for women in abusive relationships.

*Women in states with higher gun ownership rates were almost five times more likely to be murdered by a gun than women in states with lower gun ownership rates. The more guns; the more gun violence.

VWhat Is Gun Control?

Gun control debate

In the sincere effort to reform gun laws in America, the effort to have open, honest conversations about gun control have been consistently and aggressively undermined by the gun manufacturing industry and their lobbying agency, the NRA. Irrelevant issues, such as the right to bear arms in the 2nd amendment, have been raised as smoke screens to confuse meaningful gun control debate.

So, what is gun control? At present, gun control is a debate on how to change American society so that there are fewer homicides, shootings, mass murders, and gun violence. The approaches include changes to our entertainment industry, improved offering of mental health care and laws that both outlaw certain weapons and restrict ownership of others.

What Is Gun Control? It is an effort to search for answers. It is national soul searching to find ways to ensure that the horror of the Sandy Hook school massacre never happens again.

What Is Gun Control? It is a national self examination as to why America is so much more violent, especially with guns, than every other civilized western nation.

What Is Gun Control? It is the search for truth against a well organized lobby that has had years of practice in creating fear, telling lies and distorting gun control statistics. It is a process by Americans to stand up to the liars and demand the truth.

What Is Gun Control? It is every American gaining the courage to say we don’t want to be considered a violent and crazy nation by all the other modern countries of the world. It is about demanding the truth, the facts of gun violence and then acting to bring it to an end.

What Is Gun Control? It is each of us looking in the mirror and saying, “This has to stop. People don’t need guns. We are a better people, a better community, a better nation without them.”