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What is Gun Control? The Debate Continues

Gun control debate

The gun control debate is pretty much guaranteed to continue for some time. Just exactly what is gun control? It sometimes depend on whom you are talking to. There are pros and cons on both sides of the question of what is gun control, as well as compelling gun control statistics used by both sides.

Some think that all guns should be taken out of the hands of private owners. This is a very extreme point of view. The opposite side thinks that all guns should be readily available to anyone at any time. Again, this is an extreme view.

When the question arises of what is gun control, it can become a hot button issues, with emotional responses on both sides. There are those who point to recent shootings that occurred in public places. Events such as Aurora and Sandy Hook have some people saying that all guns should be controlled or even eliminate private gun ownership. O the other side of the debate of what is gun control, there are people who believe that guns should be allowed in all public areas including schools. They feel that with other people carrying guns in public places, they could defend themselves and others against a random shooter.

What is gun control is a continuing debate even at the highest levels of government. The United States legislative body took this debate on, and while certain elements of gun control were voted down, such as background checks, the debate over what is control continues.

Basically, the question of what is gun control must weigh the Second Amendment and how it interpreted. Some say that the amendment give them the right to own and carry weapons whenever and where ever they choose. Others say that it does not give that right completely and some controls are important.

As you can see, all the different opinions concerning the question of what is gun control are many, and so the debate will continue. It is interesting that there are so many differing opinions on a single issue.

Gun Control Debate

Gun control statistics

With the recent gun control debate and legislation, gun control statistics have been coming from all sides, and there is not promise that any of these are accurate and unbiased. Each side will twist the issue until it gets the support it needs, and every publication of gun control statistics demonstrates the bias of every gun rights group and each gun control lobbyist. One of the best questions to ask in the midst of this ideological standoff is “What is gun control?” What does gun control look like? How will it affect gun control statistics?

Obviously, gun control can mean any number of things, including the restriction of gun sales, more enforced requirements for the possession of guns, or increased liability for the gun owner. We have seen in recent years that criminals, drug addicts, and even children have easy access to guns, and the question that begs to be asked is what can we do to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous or untrained individuals and thereby decrease the incidence of gun violence. However, America’s Second Amendment stands in the way of gun confiscation, as it protects weapons’ owners right to own and bear arms for purposes of self protection. The balance of maintaining safety and, at the same time, allowing citizens to exercise their “inalienable rights” is the predicament in which we find ourselves as a nation.

Some state that limited access to mental health treatment, poverty, violent video games, and any number of other social ills or injustices are the reason for escalated gun violence, but we have yet to agree upon a course of action amenable to all parties.