3 things about the continuing gun control debate

Gun control statistics

On and off for the past few decades, there has been an ongoing gun control debate going on within the United States. While some are still asking themselves “what is gun control,” others may be knee deep in gun control statistics. The problem with trying to get a handle on the gun control debate is that there are a lot of things that some people are not completely clear on. Some would argue that a few of the things in particular have kept the debate as contentious as ever, especially recently.

One thing that may surprise people about the current gun control debate, is the definition of the term “assault rifle.” Most people may not be aware that what makes an assault rife is not the appearance. There are plenty of weapons that look like military grade weapons, but in reality only have cosmetic enhancements that do not increase the rate of fire or accuracy. Those that are focused on the gun control debate would be wise to learn what exactly constitutes a real assault rifle.

Those that peddle different statistics on both sides of the gun control debate sometimes forget what kinds of guns end up being used in crimes the most. While “assault rifles” have garnered the most attention as of recently, in reality they are only responsible for a few hundred deaths a year. It may surprise some people to learn that illegal handguns are typically responsible for far more deaths each year, especially in high crime cities.

Often times, those at the center of the gun control debate seem to forget that despite some of the more famous and unfortunate incidents in the news, the number of homicides in the country is actually at what could be an all time low. By realizing that violent crime and gun related deaths have dropped nearly 50 percent over the last twenty years, people on both sides of the gun control debate may realize just what deserves their attention, and what is not helping the discussion to progress.

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