An honest discussion about what gun control is

Gun control debate

What is gun control? Is it a way to restrict people from their Second Amendment rights, or it is a means to simply ensure that every single United States citizen has a fair chance of living their life in relative safety? People have been asking themselves “what is gun control” for decades, and sadly, it seems as though many people are no closer to an answer. Today the gun control debate remains one of the hottest issues in the country, especially after the recent string of terrible tragedies in schools and public places.

Many people who ask what is gun control may be trying to seek what they perceive to be common sense restrictions on gun ownership. They may feel that certain types of high powered rifles may be inappropriate for people to own. It is no surprise that many people feel the need for more regulations and restrictions. The lives of countless people have been touched by gun violence over the years. Many of those individuals that have come to ask themselves “what is gun control” may have been touched by the horrors of school violence, gang violence and even accidental shootings at home.

Others that ask what is gun control believe that there should be fewer restrictions. They may showcase gun control statistics, which show that compared to the number of guns in the country, there are what they believe to be a relatively low number of accidents and deaths each year.

Many of those that ask people exactly what is gun control will get a different answer than what they think in their head. This is one of the reasons why this issue remains so contentious. As long as people asking themselves what is gun control continue to see things only from their point of view, progress will be difficult to achieve. Once people understand that there are two sides, real steps could be made towards ending the string of senseless violence.

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