Available Resources to Help Find Gun Control Statistics

What is gun control

Whether engaging in a gun control debate regarding what is gun control or just talking about laws that will give stricter guidelines for who can or cannot own a gun, you may need to research statistics. Gun control statistics can help support key points of interest during a debate, but only if they come from reliable, reputable resources. The following are some resources that can be used to help individuals who are researching gun control statistics for a debate.

The first place to research gun control statistics is an academic library. Many public libraries have a branch or section of the library that is dedicated to academic resources. This is a great resource for anyone who is looking for gun control statistics as there are many resources for both the pros and cons of gun control.

If information is not available at the academic library, the librarians may be able to order the resources for you. These resources can be ordered using the interlibrary loan system that is available or they may be able to be obtained digitally. In some cases where the resources are not available, the academic library may be able to obtain digital scans of the pages that contain the gun control statistics.

Another place to research gun control statistics is a local policy group. There are many local policy groups that are both for and against gun control. These local policy groups often conduct extensive research that involves gun control statistics. These local policy groups may be willing to share the information that they have obtained regarding gun control statistics.

Regardless of place you obtain your gun control statistics, it is important that you try to find the most unbiased statistics possible. Many individuals will conduct research and write up gun control statistics for the main purpose of making a point. While these statistics may help you make a point during a debate, their rather biased nature will not help you.

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