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Will Gun Control Measures Curb Our Freedom

Gun death

Why should gun control be such a controversial topic? The word control indicates some kind of restriction and is likely to instill at least some resentment in the mind of anyone. Gun control is resented by people who believe that buying, owning and carrying a gun is their sovereign right. But gun crime statistics show that the price paid by our country for conferring the right of gun ownership on its people is very high. It appears that the gun control debate has to shift its focus from whether we should have gun control to how much gun control we need.

Take the gun crime statistics that reveal that the number of people getting killed by guns in our country every year is 30,000. Gun control articles will give more detailed gun death statistics like the ratio of gun deaths to total deaths etc. We have to accept the fact that gun death has grown to be a big problem and the only way it can be tackled is through tighter gun laws.

We have success stories from countries that have implemented gun control laws effectively to substantiate the efficacy of gun control on crime. Australia is one country that has been able to curb gun violence by 60 percent by implementing strong gun control laws. We will be able to find such stories from other countries also if we look at the gun control facts of different countries in the world. Effective gun control measures, apart from bringing down murders, will also result in decrease of suicides. This fact is borne out by studies.

Opposition to gun control comes from some organizations like the National Rifles Association (NRA) who use the right of gun ownership given to the American citizens by the 2nd amendment as a point in their favor. People who look at gun control pros and cons will point out that given the fact that 99 percent of the provisions of this act were written by people without a formal legal education, invoking the 2nd amendment to claim gun ownership as a right is unjustified. This kind of approach to gun control by the NRA makes us doubt whether it is a political organization or a lobbyist body.