Do We Need Gun Control Laws?

Gun control articles

Some people seem to believe that we do not need gun control laws. While there has been a demand that we need a stronger gun control law to check the growing incidence of gun crime, the anti gun control group will like to have uncontrolled gun ownership. This group is led by the NRA (National Rifles Association)whose cherished objective is to make gun ownership free of any restrictions. The NRA does not bother about participating in the gun control debate and has made no secret of its decision to stick to its stand, whatever gun crime statistics may say.

To the supporters of NRA, gun control pros and cons are of no value. They just keep harping on their pet argument that owning guns is a right given to the people of the United States by the 2nd amendment. But the fact is that nearly 99 percent of the second amendment was based on the inputs provided by people who had no college education. While this fact does not make their contribution unimportant, it does indicate that there may be nothing wrong in amending this law. The 2nd amendment itself being an amendment, what can be wrong in amending a provision of this amendment?

The need for strengthening gun control laws is clearly shown by gun death statistics. What is the picture presented by these statistics? The figures show that every year, there are 30,000 deaths in the US on account of gun violence. Gun control facts also show that in a majority of homicide crimes, guns are being used as murder weapons. Guns are used in as much as 60 percent of the murders. Another disturbing fact is that nearly forty percent of the children living in the houses that have guns are aware of the places the guns are stored by their parents. This brings in the dangerous possibility of kids taking possession of guns and using it wrongly.

Though these facts have been brought to light by a number of gun control articles, some legislators supporting the NRA have turned a blind eye to them. They seem to be working against stricter gun control laws by their action in drafting rules that will block independent bodies like the National Institute of Health in their efforts at studying gun violence.

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