Gun Control Debate Throws New Issues

Gun death

Traditionally, a gun control debate will dwell on familiar arguments that have been heard several times by every one. But with new gun control facts emerging very frequently, the gun control debate has become more lively. There is no dearth of gun death statistics to be used in advancing the cause of tighter gun control laws. However,figures have to be correctly interpreted if they have to serve any purpose.

An argument that can be used in a gun control debate is about the share of gun death in homicides. Murders otherwise called homicides are committed by various means. The methods may vary from strangling with bare hands to killing with various kinds of weapons like guns, knives, clubs, sharp instruments etc. But surprisingly, a vast majority of homicides, 60 percent to be specific, are committed using guns. When this point is brought out in a gun control debate, people will realize the danger potential of guns.

Another factor that should be highlighted in a gun control debate is from the gun crime statistics. People who are interested in understanding gun control pros and cons will be definitely disturbed by the disclosure made in a gun control debate that 30,000 deaths per year result from guns in the United States.

A gun control debate can also bring about the link between different types of gun control facts by explaining how the different sets of statistics corroborate each other. The fact that nearly half of all the privately owned guns are in the US will be a shocking fact when viewed against the fact that the US population forms just 5 percent of the population of the world.

Unfortunately, a gun control debate may have no impact on certain groups. Notable among these is the National Rifles Association (NRA) which makes no secret of its policy that it will not compromise its opposition to any form of gun control. Since the NRA uses the concept of democracy to justify its stand, people interested in a gun control debate should enlighten the organization that democracy means a fight against tyranny and that gun control is a part of this fight.

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