Gun Control: The Hottest Debate in America

Gun control presidential debate

Gun control is one of the most controversial debates in America. While President Barack Obama seeks to clamp down on gun violence using tighter gun control laws, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and gun advocates are on his heels, fighting for the rights of gun owners. The debate regained its speed after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, where a young student opened fire on peers and teachers. Over the last year, gun control debate videos show President Obama pushing lawmakers to pass bills that would force universal background checks on gun purchases made online and at gun shows. This bill did not get the votes it needed to pass, but debates on gun control continue to ravage the nation.

The NRA and other gun supporters stand firm behind the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and argue that putting strict gun control laws into effect could result in an increase in black market gun sales. The NRA cites that not all gun purchases lead to deaths, and strict gun laws will only spur criminals to act out. They state that law-abiding citizens do follow gun laws, and that legislation on gun control will restrict use for people who have not done anything wrong. Gun control statistics show that despite its strict firearm laws, California still faced more than 1,000 gun related crimes in 2012. This number was the highest in the nation. One report shows that American own the most guns of any country per 100 people, but that the percentage of death by firearms is most brutal in Puerto Rico and Sierra Leone, where they cause more than 85 percent of all homicides. Instead of further restrictions or banishing guns altogether, gun advocates are calling for more responsible use of firearms.

But pro gun control debaters hold that strict laws against the ability to buy fire arms could prevent further fatal shootings. Gun control debate videos show several citizens are upset about the lack of censure on fire arms. A recent Gallup poll taken by NBC News reports that after the Connecticut tragedy, 62 percent of Americans support a complete ban on high-capacity magazine weapons, which account for several mass shootings. And 58 percent of Americans favor tougher laws on gun sales, a number that has increased 15 percent from 2011. The President and gun control advocates also state that by restricting gun sales, weapons are less likely to fall into the hands of children. Since the large majority of gun related murders in the country are committed using legal weapons, tougher laws passed on the purchase of firearms could result in fewer deaths.

Gun control debate arguments have split the nation about gun laws. Gun control debate videos often feature the NRA president at odds with pro-gun control lawmakers. Many people have pointed fingers at particular states around the U.S., blaming its residents for increased crime rates. Gun advocates push back, saying that the indiscriminate acts of a few should not force everyone to suffer. In any case, this debate will continue as new legislation for gun control work their way to lawmakers.

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