Gun Violence Revealed in Gun Control Essay

Gun control debate

There are many gun control articles that talk about the second amendment. One recent gun control essay completely ignored gun deaths and gun death statistics focusing instead on the need for guns to prevent “tyranny.” That’s crazy. Guns don’t prevent tyranny, Democracy prevents tyranny!

In another on line gun control essay no mention was made of the economic damages caused by gun deaths that are estimated at$3.7 billion a year. That is $3.7 BILLION!

How can there be any rational discussion of gun control pros and cons when gun control facts are ignored? Sometimes a person might believe that the gun control debate is only about gun owners loosing the privilege of buying assault rifles while ignoring important facts such as the United States being ranked worse that South Africa for gun deaths per 100,000 citizens! The debate is about the harm caused by guns. Gun owners need to stop crying about themselves and think of the greater good.

Any gun control essay worth reading must consider the facts. For example, it is a fact that the more guns that are in an area will result in higher suicide rates. Or the fact that there is a strong correlation between States and regions with higher levels of household firearm ownership and the increased number of children dying from homicide in that area.

Gun control is a matter of public safety not “collectorÂ’s rights!”

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