The Picture Presented By Gun Crime Statistics

Gun control essay

The picture presented by gun crime statistics is gruesome. Anyone looking at the gun death statistics cannot ignore the fact that gun crime has been increasing over the years and that a strong gun control legislation is the need of the hour. Let us examine a few items of gun crime statistics and analyze them so as to understand the situation correctly.

Gun crime statistics demolish the argument we sometime hear in a gun control debate in support of uncontrolled gun ownership. Advocates of unfettered gun ownership have been claiming that arming people with guns is the best way to protect them from being victims of crimes. But the reality seems to be far removed from this claim. Gun control facts show that places that have a high concentration of guns report a large number of children getting killed by guns. This fact alone will refute the argument that guns give protection. Guns only increase the risk of gun death.

One of the most disturbing data obtained from gun crime statistics is that thirty nine percent of the children know where to find the guns in their houses. If there is a gun in a house, the chance of some kid living in that house getting hold of the gun is quite high. Nothing can be more dangerous than children getting hold of guns since the children neither know how to handle the guns properly nor are aware of the consequences of using them inappropriately.

Against the gun crime statistics like the above tilting the balance of gun control pros and cons in favor of gun control, the anti gun control activists refuse to accept the realities. The National Rifles Association (NRA) which has been leading the opposition to strong gun control laws functions not like a club as its name suggests but as a highly paid lobby. The NRA has been urging the legislators to be on its side in the gun control debate, threatening them with defeats in primaries if they would not toe its line. The threat seems to be working as revealed by the actions of some legislators who, with a view to obstruct the process of strengthening the gun control measures, have been making rules to ensure that organizations like the National Institute of Health will find it difficult even to study gun violence.

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