Why You Should Pay Attention to the Gun Control Debate

Gun control debate

If you ever watch the mainstream media, you will notice a recent push to increase gun control in America. The gun control debate has decent arguments from both sides of this issue. However, regardless of all the legislation, paperwork and arguments, people still have the basic right to protect their families. In order to understand the gun control debate, you need to look at the gun control statistics, which are online. So many different gun control statistics will leave your head spinning. For example, more people die from FDA prescription medications than they do from gun related incidents. Do you think the government should ban FDA prescription medications?

This comparison may not seem fair for people who are for more gun control. However, there are other figures to keep in mind. If you look at the top causes of death in America, you will find deaths by guns pretty low on the list. Gun control advocates will bring in statistics using foreign countries. For example, the number of homicides for every 100,000 people in Switzerland is around 0.52, while the United States is around 2.98. Do these homicides include gun deaths? As you can see, you need to dig further into gun control statistics in order to understand the debate.

One surprising factor to keep in mind is how many families in Switzerland own firearms. Even though the homicide rate in Switzerland is significantly lower than the United States, citizens in Switzerland own firearms. In fact, Switzerland does not have a standing army. Instead, the citizens form a people’s militia for national defense. Therefore, the debate is more about education and training than gun grabbing. It is important you do not allow the mainstream media to form your opinion on the gun control debate. Look up gun control statistics online and have the time to practice critical thinking. What is gun control? Basically, it is about controlling people.

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