Will Gun Death Statistics Get Noticed?

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Gun death statistics are staring at our faces. They demand that we take notice of what is happening around us and that we do something to bring down the incidence of gun death. Gun crime statistics have always been pointing towards the direction in which gun control has to move. The need of the hour is not more of a gun control debate but effective action by the government.

This is the picture presented by gun death statistics.

1) Our country has just 5 percent of the population of the world. But it has 50 percent of the guns in the world. We can be happy if our country shares a disproportionately high proportion of the resources of the world, not the privately owned guns of the world!

2) Another information presented by gun death statistics is that in homes that have guns, women and children face a higher risk of gun death. This is not a hypothesis but a scenario indicated by gun control facts. This fact demolishes the argument of the pro gun lobby that owning guns will make people safer since people can defend themselves from criminals.

3) Gun death statistics compiled over the world present an interesting picture. There are countries that have implemented strict gun control facts. The result has been that there are fewer murders. This shows that gun control does work.

4) Australia is one of those countries that have made the gun control laws tighter. Gun death statistics for this country show that gun violence has come down by about 60 percent . This is too emphatic a result that cannot be attributed to factors other than gun control.

5) Gun death has its effect on the economy as well. Gun death statistics for the United States show that the country has been suffering an annual loss of close to four billion dollars on account of gun crime.

We have spent enough time discussing the gun control pros and cons so thoroughly that nothing is left to be discussed. The only thing we need to do is to accept the severity of the problem as pointed out by gun death statistics and take steps to bring in a strong gun control legislation.

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