With so Much Being Slung Back and Forth, It Is Difficult To Know Where To Stand on Gun Control

Debates on gun control

As we all know, the gun control debate arguments have been raging like wildfires for some time now. Whether it was the Treyvon Martin Stand Your Ground fiasco, the Batman shooting in Aurora, Colorado, the Virginia Tech shooting, or the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut, the gun control debate pros and cons have been bandied about for what seems like decades. But sometimes it is difficult to follow it all, and it is virtually impossible to get all of the information. Read on for some pertinent data pertaining to both sides, and then you have the freedom to decide for yourself.

The Pro Gun Control Debate

About 33,000 Americans were victims of gun related deaths in 2011. That comes out to just over 10 of every 100,000 people were killed by a gun. Only nine of the United States have gun lock laws in place, requiring trigger locks be in place on guns as a safety precaution. And since 1950, every public mass shooting in the United States, save one, occurred in an area that banned civilians from carrying firearms. Clearly meaning that a simple law saying Do Not Do That is just not enough.

Debates Against Gun Control

The Second Amendment does, in fact cover your right to bear arms. Even to the point of including weapons in common use at the time. And it is safe to say that semi automatic weapons are now officially common. A study from Harvard has found that the claim that more guns equals more crimes is just plain false. They took the study to several countries and found that, as more guns entered society, homicides actually decreased over time. And the myth that 40 percent of firearms are sold without background checks is incorrect. The study making that claim was unclear at best on where its data came from, and did not follow through on much of its research.

The gun control debate arguments are nearly impossible to completely follow. Each side can pull up their own facts and figures, but it all boils down to which side is preventing more damage. Is it that less guns will mean less murders? Or that less guns will eventually equal out to less rights? What do you think?

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