Writer’s Block? Find a Topic You Care About

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Essay writing is a part of nearly every high school and college student’s life, whether they want it to be or not. Unfortunately, millions of students every year spend late nights at their computer with just the glow of their desk lamp and keyboard with an energy drink or coffee by their side pumping out page after page. Some thrive in that environment and others hate it. But regardless of personal feelings, finding the right topic to write about can be a tricky one. While being super creative might be the most fun way to write, it is not always appropriate, so finding relevant topics is a must.

For many young writers, the best work comes from topics where there is a high level of interest. In a blog from December of last year, Brian Wasko writes, “It’s easy to tell when a subject really matters to a writer. If you’re forced to write about something dull, you can pretend to care about it, but readers can usually smell the apathy. It’s hard to feign passion. The best writing comes from writers who genuinely care.”

Most, at least in college, have some particular interest in politics, and many today have a steadfast opinion when it comes to gun control arguments. If that is the case, then writing gun control debate essays might be a good idea. Individuals from all over the country have different ideas about what is gun control and whether or not it should work, and lots feel strongly. However, simply having a passion for a topic is not all that is needed to write high quality gun control debate essays.

High levels of research are important for the majority of topics, but that becomes even more true when it comes to politics. There are lots of misconceptions and even downright false information out there. Because of that, unfortunately, lots of people, especially younger adults, have opinions based on half-truths at best. So before beginning to write a paper, writers should take some time to get online or even head to the library and gun control debate facts. This is a vital step when it comes to determining gun control debate pros and cons and establishing an effective argument.

In addition, writers with a particular emotional draw to a topic need to make sure that they don’t let their feelings get the best of them. Academic writing is largely dependent upon taking and defending a strong position, and too many emotions could turn a paper into more of a rant. So while it can be a challenge to write objectively, doing so is a must for students who want to make sure their paper is not only emotionally charged, but effective.

Gun control debate essays might be popular today, but they are hardly the only topic students have to write about. There is a wide range of political and other options to write about, and finding the right one is always important. However, research and a formal writing style are musts for good essays.

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